Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You don’t have to be skinny to do really cool things!

Don’t let obesity stop you from getting out, being active, and creating wonderful memories! You’re stronger and can do more than you think you can— be prepared to amaze yourself! These photos are all of things I did or places I went while morbidly obese or losing weight.

Above Phoca Rock, Col. River Gorge, June 2003
Tahiti, Oct. 2002

Fording a stream in the Columbia River Gorge, March 2004

Top of short steep hike in Col. River Gorge

Dry Creek Falls, Col. River Gorge, Apr. 2006

Spelunking in Hawaii, Nov. 2002

First hike up Tumalo Mtn., Sept. 2006

Top of Paulina Peak, Aug. 2005 (broken ankle)

First hike up Black Butte, June 2006

First snowshoe outing with sis, 2006
Tahiti, 2002

Tahiti, 2002

St, Louis Arch, September 2003

Mt. Hood view, unknown location and date
Hiking the Eagle Creek Trail, Feb. 2004

Fairy Falls, May 2004

Top of Beacon Rock, May 2004

Top of Angel’s Rest, May 2004

Burnt Lake Trail backpacking, July 2004

Sis (left) and me at East ZigZag lookout site above Burnt Lake, July 2004

I crawled the entire Ape Cave lava tube (2hrs 10 min end to end)! Mt. St. Helens Nat’l Volcanic Monument, July  2005

Exiting Ape Cave!

Rodney Falls, Col. River Gorge, Feb. 2006

Elowah Falls, Columbia River Gorge

1/2 way up the big pyramid at Chichen Itza, Oct. 2000

Personal mini-sub, Cancun, Oct. 2000

Top of Silver Star Mountain, WA.,  Sept. 2006

Hiking Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood, Oct. 2006
Hiking up to Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood, October 2006

Top of Dog Mountain, April 2007

Gorton Creek Falls, Columbia River Gorge, July 2004

Top of Wind Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Feb. 2005

Near summit of Hamilton Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Feb. 2006

Ramona Falls, May 2006

Top of Chinidere Mtn, August 2006

Getting friendly with iguana, Isabela Island, Galapagos, Nov. 2008

Turtle on the trail, Isabela Island, Galapagos, Nov. 2008

Castle Rocks, north end of Green Ridge, Central Oregon, Sept. 2002


  1. I remember when you bushwhacked out to the crater in the MSH lava bed. that was impressive.

  2. Way cool! I kind of got lost up on Greenridge yesterday, just looking for stuff to photograph, and whilst searching Greenridge today on the web I came across your blog.

  3. Just ran Gorge Waterfall 50K last weekend (altered course but still nice). My friend mentioend your race report - it was a great read but then I noticed you weren't always able to run far. I'm in awe and you're doing something really amazing here. Thanks for sharing your journey. Inspiring - I want to go for a run right now!